The Storm of Sex Addiction: Rescue and Recovery  

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“The epidemic of sex addiction is flourishing and we are all in the path of the storm.”
—Connie Lofgreen


From one of the country’s most capable and insightful therapists comes an unprecedented examination of this burgeoning illness. In The Storm of Sex Addiction: Rescue and Recovery, Connie Lofgreen elevates the conversation and presents the most accessible and readable primer on sex addiction extant. Lofgreen skillfully educates, bringing clarity to concepts with thought-provoking and helpful explanations and stories. She explains the dynamics and roots of the disorder and provides practical information and compassionate guidance to anyone affected by sex addiction, especially the addicts and families whose lives it shatters.

Lofgreen does more than sound the alarm; she describes the hopeful option of treatment and outlines the components necessary for predictable recovery. She envisions a new era of valuing authentic intimate relationships over reckless sexual consumption and exploitation. Lofgreen makes a clarion call for awareness of sex addiction as the public health issue it truly is and presents strategic initiatives to respond.

The Storm of Sex Addiction is an informative and useful resource—a must-have for people who want to understand the illness, its treatment, and prevention. Lofgreen understands the challenge, answers the crucial questions, and offers constructive solutions.



“Connie Lofgreen’s readable and informative book alerts us to a serious cultural epidemic—sex addiction. She is an experienced counselor with up to date information. Her book is filled with practical advice, hope and compassion. I recommend it to therapists, their clients and to anyone who is touched by sex addiction.”

—Mary Pipher, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Reviving Ophelia and The Shelter of Each Other

“With clarity and depth of understanding, Connie Lofgreen takes us to the roots of sex addiction that are found in disrupted attachments to parents, childhood neglect, sexual abuse, trauma, and abuse. Wisely she couches her discussion in the context of a society that increasingly sexualizes children, has made soft porn the norm, and gives unlimited access to pornography and counterfeit sexual experiences via the Internet. She shows that the keys to healing are to retrace the steps and help people heal from the inside out. It’s not just about stopping an addiction, it’s about healing a human being.”

—Charlotte Sophia Kasl, author of Women, Sex, and Addiction: The Search for Love and Power and If the Buddha Dated/Married/Got Stuck/Had Children

The Storm of Sex Addiction has practical tools for anyone who is caught in the web of sex addiction, partners of sex addicts, and therapists who specialize in this area. At Psychological Counseling Services we shall recommend The Storm of Sex Addiction as a resource for helping restore individuals and couples to healthy intimacy.”

—Ralph Earle, past president of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, and author of The Pornography Trap: Setting Pastors and Laypersons Free from Sexual Addiction

“Kudos to Connie for her work with and words for those couples and individuals recovering from sex addiction. She compassionately understands that in addition to stopping a dysfunctional sexual behavior, one must look at the trauma that underlies it. Her book is especially helpful for those new to the epidemic of sex addiction.”

—Brenda Schaeffer, author of Is It Love or Is It Addiction?

“Connie Lofgreen provides a clear, concise explanation of sexual addiction and highlights with case studies for her reader’s understanding. She has a strong grasp of the devastation of the disease, and provides helpful information for those who are suffering.”

—Kelly McDaniel, author of Ready to Heal: Breaking Free of Addictive Relationships