Connie is a marriage and family therapist and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist in private practice in Omaha, Nebraska. She is the creator of STARPRO® (Sexual Treatment and Recovery Program)—a specialized treatment program for sex addicts, their partners and families. Lofgreen has over forty years of successful relationship and trauma counseling experience, including extensive work with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. She is an organizational consultant and trainer in clergy sexual ethics, a certified EMDR practitioner, and a specialist in group therapy. Lofgreen received a degree in Sociology from Kansas State University and her Master’s degree in Social Work from Rutgers University. Her experience, communication skills, and practical knowledge make Lofgreen a sought-after speaker for workshops and presentations.


Connie presents at a variety of events and conferences. Her most-requested topics include, "The Storm of Sex Addiction," "Addiction to Pornography," "Attachment Loss & Trauma," "Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse," "Organizational Trauma Management," "Being in a Relationship with a Sex Addict," and "Parenting." To invite Connie to speak at an event, simply click the button below: